$BRO Whitepaper

Title: Bromidian ($BRO): Empowering the Bromidian Project on the Polygon Matic Chain

Last update: June 8th 2023




This comprehensive white paper explores Bromidian ($BRO), an innovative ERC-20 token running on the Polygon Matic chain. The document highlights key features, including the acquisition methods of $BRO, staking mechanisms, its role as a currency for purchasing select merchandise, and its future governance capabilities. By leveraging the benefits of the Polygon Matic chain and utilizing the contract address 


Bromidian aims to foster a thriving ecosystem that engages and rewards token holders.

  1. Introduction:

Bromidian ($BRO) is an ERC-20 token specifically designed to empower the Bromidian project on the Polygon Matic chain. This white paper provides an in-depth understanding of $BRO's various features and applications within the project, ensuring participants have a comprehensive grasp of its role in the ecosystem.

  1. Obtaining $BRO:

There are several methods available for acquiring $BRO tokens:

2.1 Staking: Token holders can earn $BRO rewards by staking project NFTs or staking $BRO itself using the dedicated staking dApp. By utilizing the Polygon Matic chain, $BRO staking offers an attractive 15% APY with a 30-day lock-in period. The amount of $BRO rewarded for staked NFTs varies based on the specific NFT, while staking $BRO directly guarantees a fixed APY.

2.2 BRM Token Airdrop: Phase 1 of the project involves purchasing an NFT from OpenSea, which triggers an airdrop of BRM tokens. These BRM tokens can be staked and pay out at a 2:1 ratio every 12 hours in $BRO.

2.3 ICO DApp: Participants can acquire $BRO tokens through the Bromidian ICO DApp, which operates on the Polygon Matic chain. The DApp is accessible at https://www.Robromides.xyz.

2.4 Over-the-Counter (OTC) Sales: For added convenience, $BRO tokens can be purchased directly from project managers via Telegram or Discord channels.

  1. Staking $BRO:

To encourage long-term engagement within the ecosystem, token holders can stake $BRO using the dedicated dApp located at https://www.Robromides.com. Stakers enjoy a competitive 15% APY, and their $BRO tokens remain locked for a period of 30 days, promoting stability and sustainable growth.

  1. Spending $BRO:

In a later phase, $BRO tokens will serve as the primary currency for purchasing select merchandise from the Bromidian project's official merch shop. While not all items will be available for purchase with $BRO, promotional items such as special NFTs, stickers, posters, and other offerings will be accessible.

  1. $BRO as a Governance Token:

As the project progresses, the Robromides Project will introduce a governance token to further enhance community involvement. $BRO token holders will receive an airdrop of this governance token, granting them the power to actively influence and shape specific aspects of the project's development. This democratic approach ensures that the community has a say in the evolution of Bromidian's ecosystem.

  1. Summary

Bromidian ($BRO) is an ERC-20 token running on the Polygon Matic chain, providing the Bromidian project with a robust foundation. By leveraging the benefits of Polygon Matic and utilizing the contract address 


Bromidian aims to foster an engaging and rewarding ecosystem. Through various acquisition methods, staking opportunities, and future governance capabilities, $BRO token holders can actively participate in shaping the project's development while enjoying the benefits of their involvement on the Polygon Matic chain.

  1. Liquidity Pool and Backing Swaps:

In the final phase of the Bromidian project, after the real-world Intellectual Properties (IP) products have launched, a decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity pool will be introduced. This liquidity pool will serve as a platform for swapping $BRO tokens and will be backed by funds generated from the proceeds of the products sold via the project's website merch store.

To ensure the liquidity pool's stability, 25% of the proceeds from product sales will be converted into Matic and USDC and placed into the liquidity pool. These funds will act as reserves, backing the swaps of $BRO tokens and providing a reliable and efficient trading environment for token holders. By incorporating real-world revenue into the liquidity pool, the Bromidian project aims to maintain a sustainable ecosystem and promote liquidity for $BRO token holders.

  1. Benefits of the Liquidity Pool:

The introduction of the liquidity pool backed by real-world revenue offers several advantages to the Bromidian community:

8.1 Increased Liquidity: By injecting funds from product sales into the liquidity pool, there will be a substantial increase in the available liquidity for $BRO token swaps. This ensures a smoother trading experience, reducing slippage and improving overall market efficiency.

8.2 Price Stability: The backing of the liquidity pool with Matic and USDC reserves helps mitigate price volatility for $BRO tokens. With a stable pool of assets supporting the swaps, the market price of $BRO tokens is likely to be more predictable and less susceptible to sudden price fluctuations.

8.3 Sustainable Growth: The use of proceeds from product sales to fund the liquidity pool aligns the project's financial interests with the success and expansion of the ecosystem. As the Bromidian project continues to generate revenue, the liquidity pool will grow, providing ongoing support for the trading and value of $BRO tokens.

8.4 Enhanced Trading Opportunities: The establishment of a dedicated liquidity pool opens up new trading opportunities for $BRO token holders. With a reliable and well-funded trading platform, token holders can easily buy, sell, and swap $BRO tokens, fostering increased participation and liquidity within the Bromidian ecosystem.

  1. Summary:

The Bromidian project recognizes the importance of liquidity and stability in the trading of $BRO tokens. By implementing a DEX liquidity pool backed by proceeds from real-world product sales, the project aims to provide a sustainable and efficient trading environment for token holders. The injection of funds into the liquidity pool not only enhances liquidity but also promotes price stability, sustainable growth, and increased trading opportunities. This strategic approach aligns the interests of the Bromidian community with the success of the project and ensures a vibrant and robust ecosystem for $BRO token holders on the Polygon Matic chain.

Token Supply and Distribution:

The total supply of BRO tokens is fixed at 1 billion tokens. The distribution of tokens is as follows:

* ICO: During the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), 50% of the total token supply will be available for purchase on our project website. Participants can acquire BRO tokens by contributing to the ICO event. The ICO provides an opportunity for early adopters to obtain BRO tokens and support the development of the project.

* Development Wallet: To ensure the continuous progress and growth of the project, 7.5% of the token supply is allocated to the Development Wallet. These tokens will be used to fund ongoing development efforts, cover operational expenses, and incentivize the core team behind the project.

* Reserve Wallet: 2.5% of the token supply is allocated to the Reserve Wallet. These tokens serve as a reserve for future strategic initiatives, potential partnerships, and to maintain liquidity for the BRO token ecosystem.

* Community Airdrops: We believe in fostering a strong and engaged community. Therefore, 2.5% of the token supply will be distributed through community airdrops. These airdrops provide an opportunity for individuals to receive BRO tokens for their active participation, support, and contribution to the project.

* Partnership Wallet: Another 2.5% of the token supply is dedicated to the Partnership Wallet. These tokens will be used to establish strategic partnerships with other projects, platforms, or entities that align with the vision and goals of BRO tokens. Partnerships can help drive adoption and create synergies within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

* Mining Pool: A total of 20% of the token supply is allocated to the Mining Pool. Participants can mine BRO tokens by contributing their computing power to secure the network and validate transactions. Miners are rewarded with BRO tokens as an incentive for their computational work and contribution to the network's security and decentralization.

* Burn Wallet: The Burn Wallet receives 15% of the token supply. This mechanism involves permanently removing tokens from circulation. Token burning enhances scarcity, potentially increasing the value of the remaining tokens. The burn function is designed to create deflationary pressure and contribute to the long-term value proposition of BRO tokens

- ICO: 50%

- Development Wallet: 7.5%

- Reserve Wallet: 2.5%

- Community Airdrops: 2.5%

- Partnership Wallet: 2.5%

- Mining Pool: 20%

- Burn Wallet: 15%

Burn function

The burn function of the BRO token is a mechanism designed to reduce the total token supply over time. A specific portion of the tokens, typically 15%, is allocated to a designated burn wallet. These tokens are permanently removed from circulation, creating a deflationary effect.

Token burning serves several purposes within the BRO ecosystem. Firstly, it helps to enhance the scarcity of the remaining tokens, as the supply decreases with each burn event. This increased scarcity can potentially drive up the value of the tokens, benefiting holders and contributing to a healthier token economy.

Additionally, the burn function can be seen as a way to manage and control inflation. By removing tokens from circulation, it reduces the overall supply, which can help maintain the token's value over the long term.

The burn function is often implemented in a transparent and auditable manner, with the burn events recorded on the blockchain for verification. This ensures that the burning process is accountable and verifiable by the community.

It's important to note that the burn function is a deliberate mechanism applied to the BRO token, and its purpose is to provide economic benefits and align with the project's tokenomics. The specific burn rate and frequency may vary depending on the project's strategy and objectives.

As with any token-related information, it's crucial for participants to conduct their own research and seek additional details from official project sources to fully understand the implementation and implications of the burn function in the BRO token ecosystem.

The BRO token utilizes a burn function, allocating approximately 15% of the total token supply (around 150 million tokens) to a designated burn wallet. The burn wallet permanently removes tokens from circulation. This mechanism aims to create scarcity, potentially increasing the value of the remaining tokens. It also serves as a deflationary measure, counterbalancing inflationary pressures and maintaining long-term value and stability. Transparency is ensured through blockchain records, allowing verification of burn events. Participants should conduct research and follow official project channels for a comprehensive understanding.

After burning the allocated tokens, the total supply of BRO tokens will decrease. For example, if 15% of the initial supply (150 million tokens) is burned, the remaining total amount of BRO tokens will be 850 million. Official project sources provide accurate information on the remaining total amount of BRO tokens after burning.