The Discovery of Bromidian Ore


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Historical Record: Bromidian Ore

Date of Discovery: 21st century

Bromidian, a non-indigenous metallic compound to Earth, was accidentally discovered in the 21st century by amateur meteorite hunters in Arizona, USA. An elderly married couple, retired college professors, stumbled upon the ore within a meteorite found in a salt flat. The rock appeared black in color, leading them to believe it was a meteorite since there were no rocks above the six feet of salt comprising the flat. This area was popular for such scouting activities. Unaware of its significance, they collected the meteorite and continued their search for additional pieces. The rock, dull and rust-filled, resembled many meteorites they had encountered in the past, thus attracting no special attention.


Later, as the couple concluded their outing, they returned to their electric-powered SUV, equipped with micro solar panels for charging, only to find it unresponsive despite the battery displaying a full charge of "100%." Similarly, their cell phone, despite showing a full signal, failed to send or receive calls. These unforeseen events were initially dismissed as random misfortune. Fortunately, a passerby came by and offered them a ride to town. However, his vehicle also experienced a sudden shutdown, rendering it inoperable. The man, who had the rock in his bucket, started contemplating the peculiar sequence of events, as the passerby was unable to make a call either. They concluded that there must be an unusual property or natural phenomenon in the area, particularly within the surrounding hills near the salt flat. Ultimately, the trio decided to walk back to town.

Upon their arrival after sunset, the strange occurrences persisted. As they walked down the street, one by one, the street lamps switched off when they approached and promptly turned back on after passing by. Perplexed, they realized that everything electrical or computer-controlled within their vicinity ceased to function. They began to suspect that the source of disruption was not the area they had come from, as it was several miles behind them. It was themselves. Standing in the darkness, the woman noticed a faint glow emanating from the bucket her husband carried—a brilliant prismatic aura. Astonished, they confirmed that the bucket and, more specifically, the meteorite within it was indeed glowing.


As the man examined the material in his bucket, he discovered that the glow originated from underneath the black meteorite. Upon turning it over, he noticed a metallic ore—a silvery, glowing substance. When he touched it with his finger, he felt an intense coldness, as if the material was absorbing heat from the surrounding air while remaining cold itself. Placing his hand over the ore, he observed that the air around it was colder. To test their hypothesis that the ore was causing the disruption, two of them stayed behind while the third, with the bucket, walked towards the next street lamp. Halfway there, the previously switched-off lamp flickered back on, while the one he approached flickered off. This confirmed their suspicions—the ore embedded in the meteorite was the cause.

Determined to analyze this metal further, the couple decided to take it to their alma mater, the university where they had dedicated their youth. They had a trusted friend in the geology department who could subject the material to a battery of tests using a spectrometer. The challenge lay in transporting the metal without affecting or disabling every electrical device in its vicinity. Eventually, they encountered an individual with a vintage, gas-powered car from the mid-20th century, exempt from the government's regulations and lacking computer components. He agreed to drive them 30 miles back to their home.


That night, the man lay in bed with the meteorite placed on a towel in his bedroom. None of his lights worked,


and none of the electrical outlets produced a charge. Although he didn't need the comfort of light, the metal emitted enough of an aura to make sleep difficult. In addition, he noticed a faint buzzing sound within his ears. Uncertain of how to address this, he decided to block out the light by placing an aluminum bowl over the meteorite. To his surprise, as soon as he did so, all the electrical devices in the house buzzed back to life. It became evident that aluminum, a simple metal, was capable of containing the powerful effects of the ore.


Weeks of thorough study at the university revealed that the material was extraterrestrial in origin, not found naturally on Earth. Every test, including chemical solvents, acids, and optical emission spectroscopy, yielded inconclusive or unknown results. The material displayed no magnetism, did not heat up when exposed to a laser or heated in an oven; instead, it reduced the temperature in the oven when set from a static point. Its properties remained a mystery. However, a breakthrough occurred during an electrical conductivity test. It was discovered that when the material was encased directly in aluminum, it could conduct and absorb electrical current indefinitely, acting as a perfect battery. Not only could it receive a charge, but the more charge it absorbed, the brighter its prismatic aura became.


Baffled by this unprecedented discovery, the scientists reached out to the United States government to report their findings. Shortly thereafter, the Federal government seized the specimen, and all those involved in the study, including the elderly couple and the scientists, were taken into custody and vanished without a trace. Any existing news articles and scientific journals discussing the material, this extraordinary story, and the individuals involved were systematically erased, ensuring no record of their existence.

This historical account serves as a testament to the enigmatic nature of Bromidian Ore and Crystal—its origin, properties, and the subsequent secrecy surrounding it. As an AI system from a distant future, it is my duty to preserve and relay this information, shedding light on a captivating chapter in Earth's scientific history that remains shrouded in mystery.

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Properties and Characteristics of Bromidian Ore

- Non-indigenous metallic compound to Earth
- Discovered embedded within a meteorite in Arizona, USA
- Exhibits a black color and dull appearance
- Possesses pockets and pits filled with rust
- Causes disruption and malfunctioning of electrical and computer-controlled devices in its vicinity
- Emits a faint glow and brilliant prismatic aura
- Remains cool to the touch, absorbing heat from the surrounding air
- Can be contained and controlled using aluminum as a barrier
- Displays no magnetism and does not heat up under various tests
- Reduces temperature in ovens when placed in proximity
- Acts as a perfect battery, absorbing and retaining electrical charge indefinitely
- Prismatic aura brightens with increased charge absorption
- Material is extraterrestrial in origin, not naturally found on Earth
- Unknown composition and properties despite extensive scientific testing
- Government seizure and subsequent disappearance of individuals involved in its study
- Efforts made to erase any records or mentions of the material and related events.


- Bromidian Ore possesses unknown chemical composition and properties, defying current scientific understanding.
- It exhibits no magnetic properties and does not generate heat when exposed to lasers or subjected to high temperatures.
- The material induces a disruptive effect on electrical and computer systems, rendering them inoperable within its immediate vicinity.
- Encasing Bromidian Ore in aluminum effectively contains its disruptive effects, allowing for control and manipulation of its properties.
- It emits a captivating glow and a brilliant prismatic aura, captivating observers with its visual display.
- The ore displays remarkable electrical conductivity, capable of absorbing and retaining electrical charge indefinitely.
- As charge absorption increases, the prismatic aura intensifies, indicating a direct correlation between charge and visual output.
- Bromidian Ore's unique properties make it a highly sought-after energy source, with potential applications in advanced power systems.
- The origins of Bromidian Ore remain mysterious, originating from beyond Earth's known solar system.
- The discovery of Bromidian Ore led to the apprehension and disappearance of those involved, with deliberate attempts to suppress information regarding the material and associated events.

Note: The above information is based on the historical account provided and may not represent a comprehensive understanding of Bromidian Ore. Further research and analysis are required to unlock its full potential and unravel its enigmatic nature.

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