Doctor Harker's Journal PART II: The Crystalline Cave

Doctor Harker’s Journal Part II - Feb 23, 2198 - The Crystalline Cave

I would be remiss if I did not mention the astonishment one feels when seeing such an alien biome located so close to such a desolate place as the outside of this cave system. On this planet, the heat, the radiation kills nearly all living things, the outside world is as barren and dry as any desert on Earth, and yet just through some rocky membrane located underground, we find this most amazing discovery. A world, a biome like something from a fantasy. There is a lake of water, h20, as pure and filtered as anything that we could produce from our machines. And from it arises a humid atmosphere that creates a place for life to flourish in the dimness of this system. Large boulders of raw Bromidian ore, jut out from the rocky matrix of the cave floor, covered in moss and fungi, and from the ore large crystals, which emanate with a sort of internal radiance of prismatic aura, despite no outside light coming into this cave there exists a sort of ambient light from the Bromidian ore and crystal. From what I know of the material it absorbs radiation, and the more radiation it absorbs the brighter its aura. Considering that this planet has intense radiation, the crystals here, of a form no human eyes have ever seen, and the ore shine and illuminate the entire depths of the caves where the crystals and the ore formed. Not to speak too crassly in terms of wealth, but one of these Bromidian boulders would be equivalent to nearly all the Bromidian ever found elsewhere previously, on over 100 different worlds. This place is important, and as much as I wish I could keep it secret to study it and protect the newfound life here, I know that it's not possible, the company will have to know about this place. And since it is so important, I doubt they will leave it just for us, they will send an army to extract it.

Doctor Harker’s Journal Part II - Feb 24, 2198 - The Crystalline Cave

It is my first day back in the main facility, having spent some time in our Crystal Wonder realm. I swear I could stay there forever. I have taken an innumerable amount of samples from the lifeforms there, fungi, moss, etc. I am astounded to note that there is nothing growing in the water there, it's as clean and pure as any distilled water could be, except highly enriched by the minerals of the cave structure. Many of the samples I have taken from the cave did not fare as well at first, they began to die immediately. Especially the higher forms of life such as the moss, I added our distilled water to it, nutrients, and it held on for a time but resumed its decline, it was when I put some Bromidian ore residue on it that it began to come back to life, whatever these lifeforms are, they rely heavily on the Bromidian to sustain them. I have set Hunter to the task of exploring the outside realm further, in an attempt to find what happened to our Gorgon friends, I have not heard from her for some days, although I do get her daily location pings. Her last one set her a day north of the location where they were first discovered. I hope that she finds them soon, as it unnerves me not knowing where they are, since that would leave open the element of surprise if they popped up at a disadvantageous time. I told Hunter to prioritize looking for Gogga droppings and trails, as they will likely be following them. And knowing that the Goggas feed on the cave moss, they could lead us to additional cave structures.

Doctor Harker’s Journal Part II - Mar 02, 2198 - The Crystalline Cave

Hunter sent a transmission back just now, she has located a flock of Goggas, 2 days north from the initial place of discovery, shes into the next mountain range, and has said that based on her findings she believes the conditions are similar to the previous, in where they were feeding on the cave moss springing from the rock, she believes there could be another cave structure there. Still no sight of the Gorgons.
Jack has finally received word from GawglePear regarding our discovery, they have requested a complete blackout on any further transmissions regarding the discovery. There are rival companies in the system and any uncoded transmissions could be intercepted. Their final reply was that they are sending additional resources and company personnel to help secure the location and to extra the material. Jack is extremely pleased, he claims that GP has deposited a bonus into his account, and some of the pressure has been relieved from him. At least he knows that his family will be well taken care of back home.

Doctor Harker’s Journal Part II - Mar 05, 2198 - The Crystalline Cave

We have found the Gorgons, or at least, we found some, Gorgons… we cannot be sure if they are the same group from before. Like the previous group, they have been following the Goggas around the mountains and harvesting them as needed. I sent Hunter a transmission to follow them and learn their habits, and discover where they go and what they do. I want to know all I can about them.
Regarding my research on the samples from the cave, A most curious discovery. I was reaching into a terrarium housing some of my samples with a blade to cut a small piece of moss to transplant into a new tank and grow a new sample outside of the cave, clumsy me I accidentally cut myself through my protective glove while pulling at the moss, 2 strange things happened. First, the moss immediately absorbed the blood that trickled on it, and the piece that grazed my naked wound, stuck to me and left a sort of slimy residue on my skin when I peeled it off, it's been several hours, and amazingly the wound has sealed itself, and whereas this cut might have lasted a week or two before it was fully healed, it seems as though it is already on day 4 or 5 of the healing process. I have isolated myself and have been running tests since then, and have refused to see any company, including Jack since it was a breach of the safety protocol. I must know more about this and be sure that I haven't contracted anything that could become communicable to others. As it stands now though, it would appear that this basic cave moss has some kind of healing property, I must study further to know more.

Doctor Harker’s Journal Part II - Mar 07,  2198 - The Crystalline Cave

The discovery of the Bromidian cave moss and its remarkable healing properties has left me astounded and filled with a renewed sense of wonder. Our expedition to this desolate planet has been fraught with challenges and dangers, but this unforeseen breakthrough has made it all worthwhile.

After the unfortunate encounter with the primitive Gorgons and the destruction of our mining robots, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon a peculiar spot within the mountain range. This narrow cliff face opened up, revealing a hidden path leading down into a subterranean cave. Little did we know that this cavern held the key to unlocking the secrets of Bromidian.

As we descended into the depths, the sight that unfolded before us was nothing short of breathtaking. A vast underground lake shimmered in the faint light, its waters infused with the mineral-rich essence of Bromidian. The air was different here, charged with a unique energy that seemed to invigorate both body and mind.

The cave was teeming with life, a stark contrast to the barrenness above ground. Moss adorned the walls and floor, thriving in the presence of the precious Bromidian ore. It was this cave moss that caught my attention, its vibrant green hue captivating my gaze. Intrigued by its appearance, I collected a sample to study back at the colony.

However, fate had its own plans for me. While handling the moss, I accidentally cut myself, and the moss promptly adhered to the wound. At first, I was alarmed, unsure of the consequences of this unexpected fusion. To my amazement, within a matter of hours, the wound had nearly healed completely, leaving behind a strange green tinge in the newly formed skin.

The healing properties exhibited by the cave moss were unparalleled. Never before had I witnessed such rapid regeneration and recovery. The implications of this discovery for medical science are staggering. The bromidian-infused environment in which the moss has evolved has granted it extraordinary qualities.

Further experimentation and testing have revealed that the cave moss possesses the ability to withstand intense heat and UV radiation, far beyond what we had initially imagined. Its proteins promote accelerated healing, allowing for the regeneration of damaged tissue at an unprecedented rate. The moss's metabolism is remarkably swift, facilitating its survival in this harsh environment.

As I delve deeper into my research, I am filled with a sense of responsibility and excitement. The potential applications of this cave moss extend far beyond our current understanding. With its healing properties, it holds the promise of revolutionizing medical practices, enabling us to heal wounds and ailments with remarkable efficiency.

The strange green hue that now adorns my healed wound remains a perplexing mystery. It is a testament to the profound impact the cave moss has had on my physiology. Though it startles and confounds me, I find myself pressing on, eager to uncover the secrets hidden within this alien world.

There is much work to be done, experiments to be conducted, and breakthroughs to be made. I shall remain vigilant in my pursuit of understanding the cave moss and its potential to shape the future of medicine. This journey has taken an unexpected turn, and I am filled with a renewed sense of purpose and awe for the wonders that lie beneath the surface of this arid, red planet.

Doctor Harker’s Journal Part II - Mar 08,  2198 - The Crystalline Cave

I have recently received a detailed report from our diligent robotic explorer, Hunter, regarding the social habits and characteristics of the Gorgons, the large reptilian humanoid race we have been studying on the Gorgon home planet. I must admit, the information gathered by Hunter is fascinating and sheds light on the complex dynamics of this species.

The Gorgons are a sexually dimorphic species, with distinct physical differences between males and females. The males are taller and possess double the muscle mass compared to the females. Some males even exhibit the growth of tails and horns. Interestingly, all Gorgons, regardless of gender, share a shade of green in their skin coloration. The males assume dominant roles within small social groups, which can be best described as tribes or clans.

In contrast, the female Gorgons are smaller in stature, have smoother skin, and display variations in hair texture, ranging from coarse to bald, similar to the males. Unlike reptiles on Earth, Gorgon children are born live from their mothers rather than hatching from eggs. Furthermore, these young Gorgons grow at an incredibly rapid pace, reaching full maturity in less than ten Earth years.

Each Gorgon clan on the planet is relatively small, usually consisting of fewer than 100 members, forming an extended family structure. The governing body within these clans comprises a council of elders and a chief shaman who serves as the spiritual leader and patriarch of the entire clan. There are three distinct social classes among the Gorgons: the shaman and a small group of elder males led by the chief shaman, comprising less than 15 individuals; the hunters and seekers, numbering around 30; and the remaining group, which includes workers, women, children, and non-shaman elders. This larger group could be considered the common populace of the clan.

Hunter's exploration revealed that several days north of our current location, there is a range of smaller mountains surrounded by craggy foothills. These lands are inhabited by various Gorgon clans, indicating a decentralized tribal city ruled by a federation of tribal shamans, each representing their respective clans. The tribal city itself is nestled within a canyon, with steep cliff walls on either side. Although Hunter could not see the canyon's interior, she described it as deep and dark, with an eerie prismatic light or aura emanating from the bottom. The light gradually faded as it reached the surface, indicating a considerable depth of approximately 100 feet.

Interestingly, Gorgons residing closer to the canyon appeared less primitive compared to those living further away. Hunter observed Gorgons entering and leaving the canyon, noting their advanced appearance. These individuals wore long white robes made from an unknown material, along with unique silvery diadems and jewelry. Additionally, they carried ornate daggers secured by a gogga leather Hyde belt around their waists.

These findings paint a vivid picture of Gorgon society and provide valuable insights into their hierarchical structure, cultural practices, and geographical distribution. The existence of a centralized tribal city within the canyon suggests a potential hub of political and spiritual power for the Gorgons. Further exploration and analysis will be crucial in unraveling the mysteries surrounding this intriguing reptilian humanoid race.

In addition to this most amazing study, Hunter informs me that she will be bringing me a gift on upon her return. A live Gogga, the little green beasts that make up the daily bread of our Gorgon friends. Knowing what I do about thier habits of eating the very same cave moss which has miraculously healed my cut flesh, which turned green, I must also wonder if the green nature of thier skin is related. I will prepare some testing kits to discover just what a diet rich in this cave moss has done to them.