Q: Who are the Robromides?
A: "Robromides" is an exciting NFT project set in a futuristic world where robotic friends, known as Robromides, have risen to power after the demise of humanity. Once ravaged by the conflicts of warring human factions, the galaxy is now under the control of the Robromide Federation of Allied Bots (RFAB), a unified and peaceful governing body. The project centers around a series of mintable NFTs that depict various characters and elements from the rich Robromide universe. These NFTs not only hold artistic value but also serve as entry points to a vibrant ecosystem. NFT holders can stake their tokens via a smart contract and earn Bromidian (BRO) tokens as rewards

Q: On the Opensea Page, some Robromides are more expensive than others, why, and does that have any benefit?
A: Yes, there are different categories of Quality, currently there are 2 tiers available on Opensea, Common and Rare, Commons sell for 10 Matic and Rares for 50. The benefit of getting a rare over a comon is that the Rare is 1. More beautiful. 2. worth more. 3. When the WL Airdrop occurs a Rare will drop another Rare which will stake for higher rewards.

Q: What is a Gorgonite?
A: In the aftermath of the great Ending, when humanity had finally destroyed itself, but before the Robromides attained autonomy, the mining colony of Gorgon home to the Lizard people the Gorgonites found its new found freedom and began to expand its influence across the sector. Now many smaller planets without Robromide presence are being consumed by the Gorgonite Horde and their unending thirst to mine for more Bromidian Ore which they use to make weapons and tools of conquest. Gorgonites are a native race of planet Gorgon.

Q: What is Bromidian? (Lore)
A: Bromidian is a silvery metallic ore found throughout the universe. It was discovered by the late humanity that the Ore was the best conductor of multiple types of energy sources from the archaic electricity to the more advanced and hard to produce Atomica, an unending need for energy drove the different factions of humanity to scour every planet with a rocky surface for Bromidian to increase the ever expanding empire of greed, which eventually led to rivalries and wars. On one planet, Gorgon, a race of large reptillian beings known as Gorgonites were conquered and forced to mine the rich deposits on their planet for the human rulers, close exposure with naked skin had begun to change the Gorgonites into a much smarter species until eventually they were able to throw off the human colonists and begin to harvest the Bromidian for themselves.

Q: Are there 2 Tokens? Why
A: Yes, currently we have 2 Tokens, 1 is the $BRM (Bromidian) Testnet token, these are valuable because they can only be obtained during Phase 1, and will be tradeable for $BRO (Bromidian) Mainnet tokens in a 4 to 1 Ratio or another Prize to be determined later (likely an extra airdrop) The $BRO tokens are the reward tokens for Staking your NFT when the Mainnet dashboard launches. A small % of BRO tokens has been set aside for contests and give aways before the Mainnet launch. If you have a chance to get those you should, because the $BRO token will be backed with a liquidity pool in a later phase and tradeable for Matic on Uniswap.

Q: what is the contract address for BRM (Bromidian) testnet tokens?
A: Bromidian (BRM) Token Testnet Contract https://polygonscan.com/address/0x5C65BB7B4DB6a95af256331b9255a3B8FCa37EdA 0x5C65BB7B4DB6a95af256331b9255a3B8FCa37EdA

Q: What is the Robot Factory (lore)?
A: the Robot factory is the only place a Robromide can be created. Even the Robromides don’t know how to make another one, it was built by the last humans before they destroyed themselves to create the autonomous AI sentient robots known as the Robromides to aid them in deep space exploration, and the mining of Bromidian ore on distant planetary systems. When the humans perished, so did the technical expertise to create the AI needed to give intelligence to the Robromides. Now the only place in the galaxy where Robromides can be created is the sole Robot Factory on Earth. The Robromides guard and upkeep this facility at all costs, without it, there could be no new Robromides.

Q: What is the Robot Factory (property) on the NFTs?
A: The Robot Factory in the NFT series is an Epic level property, there can only be 15 NFTs with “robot factory” as epics are limited to /15

Q: what are the “Properties” of the NFT series?
A: there are 6 properties each nft comes with.

1. Quality - the rarity of the nft set
2. Hair - the hair color of the character
3. Eyes - eye color
4. Company - if the character is attended by someone else
5. Background - the background to the nft
6. Type - what type or species is the character.

Some of these traits such as “nature” under background are very common, some such as “robot factory” are very rare.

Q: Who are the Gorgonite Shaman? (LORE)
A: The shaman of the Gorgonite are the spiritual center and the heart of Gorgonite society. Each tribe has its own shaman, as a class the Shaman hold nearly supreme power and influence over their people. Only the powerful tribal war chief could rival the Shaman, and even then only with military power, Gorgonite civilization, while far from peaceful, are not warlike for the sake of conquest, their primary focus is on spiritual elemental cohesion, the shaman are the center of this and wield the most influence. The present confrontation with the RFAB is based on one thing and one thing alone. Competition for Bromidian. The Shaman see the element of Bromidian as the divine element and utilize it for ceremony.

Q: What do we know about the Gorgonites origins?

A: It is said by some of the Robromides whose skill set lies in research and historical understanding that the Gorgonites are an artificial species. It was the experimentation by humans with local animals, such as the native Goggas and Bromidian ore compounds, that gave rise to the Gorgonites. This cannot be confirmed since it was the long-perished humans who knew for sure, and those details never made it into the Mainframe. Especially since that kind of research was dubbed illegal in the final days of human civilization. Creating a race of genetically engineered slaves to mine Bromidian for profit would have been forbidden. Not even the Gorgonites know for sure where their genesis was. Perhaps there is someone somewhere who knows. One thing is certain, though: the Gorgonites have a fixation on mining Bromidian and seem to grow stronger in its presence.

Q: What is the Gorgonite home world like?

A: The Gorgonites' home planet has some of the richest deposits of Bromidian in the known universe. As a consequence of their shaman elite requiring Bromidian for their rituals and experimentation, guarding the known mines and mining camps is essential, especially since Gorgonite society is not as unified as the RFAB. Many Gorgonite Bromidian poachers will smuggle the ore to outsiders for profit. Be that as it may, not all Gorgonite tribes are created equal; some live on lands with no Bromidian at all and exist as paupers. These are the types that poachers and thieves emerge from.

Q: How do Robromides get their roles?

A: Most Robromides have assigned responsibilities from the Mainframe. The Mainframe is the autonomous AI system that governs Robromide civilization. Each assigned duty or job that a Robromide is put in charge of includes a host of non-autonomous robots that the Robromide can utilize for specific purposes.

Q: Do Robromides have personalities?

A: Yes. Every Robromide is assigned a skill set upon AI integration. While it's true that the Robromide unit will continue to learn and adapt to its circumstances, the initial skill set will shape that experience. This skill set could be seen as the Robromides' "personality."