Here is how to utilize the Approvng and staking contracts directly

This is the manual walkthrough for using a Smart Contract on PolygonScan without a fancy interface. We will be launching a Dapp to streamline this process, but for now this is how it can be done on the back end.


  1. Bulk approve the NFTs for staking
  2. Bulk Stake NFTs


First we will need to go into the Approval contract from above. When inside the contract we need to scroll down to the Options. One option says "contract". Click That and it will open up additional options. We will then choose "write"

Contract > Write >

Now that we are inside the writing function of the contract, we must connect our Metamask wallet to the contract.

There is a Link that says "Connect to Web3" click that, and log into metamask. If you are using a desktop computer with Metamask installed into your browser, use the Metamask feature. If you are using a Mobile Phone, choose Wallet Connect, this will bring up a Q Code, Go into your Mobile phone metamask wallet and click the Scan Icon in the top right to access your camera, point it at the QCode and it will ask you to connect.

You should be Connected at this point, the Red dot next to the Web3 Connect will turn green and show your wallet address. Verify its the correct wallet.

Next we will determine if you should use option 1 or option 13. If you have 1 single NFT use option 1 (Approve), if you have more than 1 NFT use Option 13 (Set Approval for All)

Option 1: (Approve)
When you click option 1, a drop down menu will show 2 fields to input info into. Operator Address and Token ID.
For the Operator Address you will input the Staking Contract address which is
For the Token ID you will input your Token ID, you can view that on Either Polygon Scan or Opensea under Properties.

Click Write
At this time Metamask will prompt you to approve the transaction. Approve it, and you should be Done with this part of the walk through.

Option 13. Set Approval for All
If you have more than 1 NFT use Option 13. When you click it a dropdown will appear with 2 fields to input data into.
Operator Address and Approved Bool

For operator Address use the Staking contract Address
For the Approved Bool option write "true" all lowercase, no quotes. click Write.

Metamask will ask for approval, approve it and you are finished with this part.

Staking your NFT in the Staking Contract

Now that you have approved your NFTs for staking, we can get around to staking them. Enter into the Staking Contract from the link above.

As before will we scroll down, Click Contract, then Write and Connect to Web3.

Scroll down for Option 11 "Stake"
When you click this option there is only 1 field to fill out. Token Id, if you had just 1 NFT put in the same Token Id your approved earlier, and click write, Approve in metamask, and you will be finished. Congratulations.
If you have more than 1 Token ID approved, you will enter each Token ID in followed by a "," with no spaces. So lets say you had token IDs 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 you would write it in like this

Then click Write, and approve in metamask. Thats all there is to it. You should be all staked up.

If you want to claim rewards or unstake, do it from this same Contract with the corresponding Options.