Roadmap for Robromides NFT Web3 Project:

Phase 1: Opensea Seed Testnet

  • Release the first NFTs of the project on Opensea.
  • Purchasers of Phase 1 Opensea PNFTs (Pre-Phase NFTs) will receive an automatic Whitelist spot for a following phase. And an AIRDROP for the BRM Testnet Tokens. Since Opensea Tokens are not easily staked, we want to offer our Robofam something they can stake, and earn with. Thats the BRM Airdrop tokens.
    • Phase 1 NFTs will include 201 NFTs: 105 common, 55 rare, 25 ultra-rare, 15 epic, and 1 mythic.Here is the $BRM airdrop schedule. Its based on Rarity of the NFTs purchased.

      $BRM's staking contract is available now, lets explain how the $BRM airdrop works, $BRM TESTNET Tokens work. They have a total supply of 10,000 $BRM. Here is the distribution plan.

      Each NFT purchased will net you an airdrop of a set amount of tokens, remember these tokens can be staked for Mainnet $BRO tokens (Early Access).

      Common: 25 BRM Airdrop
      Rare: 50 BRM Airdrop
      Ultra-Rare: 75 BRM Airdrop
      Epic: 100 BRM Airdrop.
      Mythic: 150 BRM Airdrop.

  • NFT and BRM token holders will gain access to hidden Discord chats.
  • Funds raised from Phase 1 will be used to fund subsequent phases.

Phase 2: Series 1 "The Rise" Official Launch

  • Release of 777 numbered NFTs for Series 1 "The Rise" directly mintable from this website into the minters' wallet. NFTs include:
    700 commons, 70 rare, and 7 epic. NFTs include 500 commons, 50 rare, and 5 epic.
    Officially Introduce project tokens called Bromidian ($BRO) that can be staked via a smart contract from the website dashboard. Staked NFTs will receive a set amount of this token in rewards. $BRO will be the native token of the Robromide Ecosystem.
  • Staked NFTs will receive a set amount of token rewards.
  • Phase 1 NFT purchasers will receive a Whitelist airdrop of a random Series 1 NFT.
  • Officially introduce the project website, staking/minting dashboard
  • $BRM tokens will be retired at this time. But not before Early adopters are given a chance to either sell them back to the project (for $BRO) to burn or trade them in for a special suprise.

Phase 3: Comic Sneak Peek and Reward Distributions

Phase 4: Series 2 Mint and Comic Release Expectations

  • Showcase sneak peeks of the comic and storyboards.
  • Initiate the first distribution of rewards from staking.
  • Build excitement and engagement with the community.
  • Mint the next 777 NFTs for Series 2.
  • Reveal the release expectations and details of the comic.
    And other real world IP projects with the brand.
  • Generate anticipation for the upcoming comic launch.

Phase 5: Comic Launch and Merchandise Website


Phase 6: Uniswap Liquidity Pool and $BRO Token Launch

  • Officially launch the comic and make it available for purchase. Both in print and digitally as an NFT.
  • Launch the merchandise website, offering Robromides-themed merchandise.
  • Share future plans for the intellectual property (IP).
  • Launch the Uniswap liquidity pool, funded with the sales from Phase 5 and a % of the real world IP product profits. Which will be deposited directly into the Liqudity pool to back the token.
  • Conduct the official BRO token launch on larger exchanges to attract additional liquidity.
  • Enhance token accessibility and liquidity for the project.

Please note that this roadmap is a high-level overview and can be adapted and adjusted based on the needs and progress of the Robromides project.
Synopsis of the NFT Web3 Project "Robromides":

"Robromides" is an exciting NFT project set in a futuristic world where robotic friends, known as Robromides, have risen to power after the demise of humanity. Once ravaged by the conflicts of warring human factions, the galaxy is now under the control of the Robromide Federation of Allied Bots (RFAB), a unified and peaceful governing body.

The project centers around a series of mintable NFTs that depict various characters and elements from the rich Robromide universe. These NFTs not only hold artistic value but also serve as entry points to a vibrant ecosystem. NFT holders can stake their tokens via a smart contract and earn Bromidian (BRO) tokens as rewards.

Bromidian tokens, in turn, are backed by liquidity generated from the sales of comic books and merchandise featuring captivating characters and stories from the Robromide IP. The project aims to create an immersive experience by expanding the universe through engaging narratives, stunning artwork, and collectible merchandise.

As NFT holders stake their tokens, they contribute to the growth and development of the Robromide ecosystem while earning BRO tokens as a reward. The BRO token is
designed to have its own unique utility and value within the project, with tokenomics to be further revealed in due course.

"Robromides" promises an imaginative journey into a post-human world, where friendship, cooperation, and unity prevail. Through the combination of NFTs, comic books, and merchandise, the project aims to captivate fans, collectors, and enthusiasts while building a strong community around the Robromide IP.

Join the Robromide Federation of Allied Bots and become part of this groundbreaking NFT Web3 project that seamlessly blends art, storytelling, and blockchain technology to bring the futuristic world of the Robromides to life.
"Robromides" is an NFT Web3 project set in a post-human world. The Robromides, robotic friends, now rule a galactic empire once plagued by warring human factions. Under the Robromide Federation of Allied Bots (RFAB), peace reigns supreme.

The project features mintable NFTs portraying characters from the Robromide universe. These NFTs can be staked through a smart contract for earning Bromidian (BRO) tokens. Liquidity for BRO tokens is backed by sales from comic books and merchandise showcasing Robromide characters.

"Robromides" merges art, storytelling, and blockchain to create an immersive experience. Discover the post-human world, join the RFAB, and collect unique NFTs. Stake NFTs for earning BRO tokens tied to comic book and merchandise sales. Immerse yourself in this futuristic universe, celebrating friendship and unity.